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Sreda production company

Sreda production company

Novoostapovskaya 5 Building 3
Moscow 115088

Phone: +7 (495) 542-43-33

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International development manager/ Sales
Maria Samoylova

Production Profile

“Sreda” is a leading production company in Russia; we produce our own TV series and Films with highest ratings. As well as we buy formats and build up incredible stories. Our series currently are with Netflix and Amazon

We are open for co-production opportunities and feeling positive in building long-lasting relationships with Media clients and producers, create a deep significant stories and ideas, collaborate, work, grow, being inspired and inspire others.

‘Tell Her’ is a festival feature film we proudly present at the market. This is a very universal multicultural story, we feel will be memorable for everyone.

Genres: Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller

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Tell Her

Drama | English, Russian | 98 minutes | 2020

Sreda production company

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