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Candy Planet

Candy Planet

Animation, Childrens, Family, Fantasy | English | 75 minutes


Samuel Goldwyn Films

Besetzung und Crew


Xu Kerr


Kerr Xu, Bill J Gottlieb


Zhao Bingle, Seth Walther


Cherami Leigh, Robbie Daymond, Todd Haberkorn

die Vorschau


Getaway for an awesome summer vacation with Rainy and her mom on a faraway rainforest planet made entirely of Candy. When Rainy's mother is accidentally turned into a living-Candy -- it will be up to Rainy to save her mom from a world of outrageous characters in the sweetest places... Candy Planet.

The ruler of Candy Planet, Gordon, challenges Rainy and her friends to the toughest of tests in hopes of turning her mom back into a real-life-person.

After passing all of the challenges they realize the tests are far from over. Now, the tartest of truth must be faced as Rainy and her friends risk being turned into candies forever. It's a battle against time, because if mom can't be turned back into a person soon; she and the citizen's of the universe could all soon be eternal sweeties pies! Discover the incredible secrets behind the tastiest spot this side of the Milky-Way.