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Comedy | Italian | 127 minutes


Lykos Film

Besetzung und Crew


Francesco Cippone, Lucky Dario Fortunato


Paolo Mariano Leone


Francesco Cippone


Francesco Cippone

die Vorschau


  • Lino illegitimate son of "U POLL", he never met his father, hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic for the hard shots taken in the ring by ROCCUCC U STALLON, before Lino was born. Educated in wellness by the sister of "U POLL", the Aunt, after a difficult childhood, LINO has a job as a manager but still chooses boxing and the road. And it is precisely the latter the location of his first hard fights against the dregs of low city funds. Several KO but these victories are not enough for Lino. Inside, the desire to become a professional boxer and to have a true master who trains him. Lino decides to turn to the only man who can help him, Roccucc U Stallon. LINO leaves Rome to leave the comfortable life of the fixed place and start from scratch to "Enziteto" district of Bari. Lino manages to get in touch with Roccucc U Stallon presenting himself at his restaurant "LA STRASC NAT" (La Strascinata). Attacking Roccucc U Stallon as a mussel of Taranto, LINO manages to convince him to be trained. From that moment on, Roccucc U Stallon will be not only his coach but also a familiar reference point for Lino, so much so as to be called "LO ZII" (the uncle) Lino during his stay in Enziteto knows a girl, Easter, breath, never shaved, lover of the chewing um in short, the so-called "paw of Bari". Roccucc U Stallon we see him as a tragic figure and fought by a serious health problem ... "the colic". Despite his problem, he decides to train and prepare Lino so that he becomes a real boxer. Roccucc U Stallon, brings Lino to his former gym in Enziteto, where he presents to Lino the team that will accompany him in his meetings, Giuann called "Garzett" ... Small Garza, as well as the corner doctor, and Pinucc called "U Fulm n, the Lightning "for his speed in making sparring with" box gloves "and in his fists struck at every mistake to the student boxer. Pinucc, a nervous but at the same time funny guy (also interpreted by Frank Cippone with fake leather masks) will be the coach of Lino on course directing Roccucc U Stallon. The latter, unable to move too much because of the colic, will follow Lino remaining a few meters from him, giving him advice but also strong blasphemies in Bari "to his every mistake. One day, during one of the workouts at the gym in Enziteto, comes from Ibiza a certain Mr. WUBER, an organizer and manager of a well-known boxer. Mister Wuber offers to Roccucc U Stallon a high-level meeting for his boyfriend against his world champion boxer Ivan called "U DRAG". IVAN, a wardrobe with two doors, face marked by hard punches of boxing and life, elements that lead IVAN to never laugh and, in every meeting between LINO and IVAN, for IVAN is the right opportunity to provoke and insult Lino not only for his physical appearance but also on the fact that he is "a father's son" and that therefore he is not at all led to make the life of the boxer, advising him then to return to do the job he did before. IVAN works at the port of Ibiza and after work he trains with his master Manuel, a really strange guy. After a long and hard training, Lino and Ivan will face each other in the great match at the Sports Hall "PALAMARTINO" in Ibiza. Here Lino, Roccucc U Stallon and Pinuccio will have to deal not only with Ivan but even more, with the distractions of the White Island, where women, nightlife and beaches will make the stay of the three, full of surprises, bumps and lots of laughter . At the match, Lino, will arrive with the residues of the still and drunk during a night at the night with his friends from Puglia. The audience will remember the meeting, not only for the river of punches that poor Lino will bite, but even more, for the bursting laughs of the Apulians in Ibiza. Will LINO succeed in overcoming the buzz and the drunkenness in time and survive the hard blows of IVAN?