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El Superstar

El Superstar

Comedy | English, Spanish | 90 minutes


Cinema Libre Studio

Besetzung und Crew


Amy French


Chris B.More


Amy French


Spencer John French, Lupe Ontiveros

die Vorschau


A hilarious musical comedy...

Born Jonathan French in Beverly Hills, California and orphaned at age 3, this young boy was adopted by his Mexican nanny (Lupe Ontiveros) and step-father (Danny Trejo) and raised to be a good, God-fearing Mexican with a love for ranchero music.

At age 33, in his "Jesus Year," and now known as Juan Francés, he is a gardener/janitor-by-day but has been blessed by the Virgin of Guadalupe with the talent to sing miraculously. He takes his ranchero act from the small, half-empty soccer bars in East L.A., to a larger music festival audience where he is discovered and quickly swept into Mexican pop stardom.

Caught in the whirlwind of fame, Juan's everyman appearance and musical style undergo a celebrity make-over. He changes his name to "El Guero" and his songs for the working man are transformed into heartless Reggaeton.

When the dark truth about Juan's history is revealed to him, he must face himself: Will he choose the Mexican man in his heart, or the bald pink guy in the mirror?

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