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Ginga -Nagareboshi Gin- Kizuna Hen (The Ties of Friendship)

Ginga -Nagareboshi Gin- Kizuna Hen (The Ties of Friendship)

Action/Adventure, Drama, Musical | Japanese | 126 minutes


GAGA Corporation

Besetzung und Crew


Maruichiro Marumo


Based on the Japanese manga series “Ginga -Nagareboshi Gin-" by Takahashi Yoshihiro, this stage musicals follow the story of an Akita dog Gin, the son of the mighty hunting dog Riki. In order to take revenge on the ferocious killer bear Aka-Kabuto for his family, Gin joins the army of Ohu who also chases Aka-Kabuto. Together, they embark on an adventure to look for new comrades and fight against the killer.

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