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Love On The Cloud

Love On The Cloud

Alternate Titles: 微爱之渐入佳境

Romantic Comedy | Chinese


Huayi Brothers International Limited

Besetzung und Crew


Changwei GU


Angelababy, He CHEN


An artistic young man with dreams of becoming a film director, GU (Chen He), meets a beautiful, young model, XIAOXI (Angelababy), over his mobile messaging app. His good friend, A-GUA, also meets a new girlfriend on the mobile app who aspires to become an actress. Everything seems perfectly fine until…

When A-Gua introduces Gu to a powerful movie investor, they begin to experience the dramatic impact that chance encounters have on their lives. The investor’s creative demands over the film spark a dispute between A-Gua and Gu, and allows A-Gua’s opportunistic girlfriend to leave him for the cinematographer, becoming the new lead actress.

This is just the beginning of the chain of events set in motion by the subtle influences of the people around them. LOVE ON THE CLOUD explores life and love in modern Beijing where for better or for worse, this age of mobile connectivity only magnifies life’s unexpected encounters and surprise.