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My little sweetie

My little sweetie

Horror, Psycho-Drama, Supernatural Thriller | English | 90 minutes


Haka Film

Besetzung und Crew


Giorgio Amato


After the mysterious disappearance of his wife Isabel, George Brown is now alone with his daughter Susy, who has stopped eating, sleeping and even talking. The search for Isabel continues in the woods and lakes surrounding the Browns’ house, with no success however. Frank, the local police officer, is a longtime friend of George and investigates the disappearance of the woman. He is convinced that Isabel ran off with her lover. Meanwhile, young Susy is assisted by Giselle, a psychotherapist who through hypnosis manages to get the girl to eat and sleep. But through hypnosis Giselle also manages to find out another truth, quite different from what George wants everyone to believe.

PLEASE NOTE: we are looking for an american co-production.