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Reuniting the Rubins

Reuniting the Rubins

Comedy | English | 95 minutes


Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

Besetzung und Crew


Yoav Factor


Yoav Factor, Jonathan Weissler


Yoav Factor


Timothy Spall, Rhona Mitra, James Callis, Honor Blackman

die Vorschau


Lenny Rubins, (Timothy Spall – The King's Speech) an up-tight lawyer, has to put his dream retirement on hold when his ailing mother (Honor Blackman – Goldfinger) emotionally blackmails him into reuniting his estranged children for a Jewish holiday.
They may be peas from the same pod, but in Lenny’s eyes, his grown up children are certainly not from the same planet: a survival-of-the-fittest/control-freak hard-nosed capitalist (James Callis – Battlestar Galactica), an outspoken argumentative eco-warrior committed to the cause (Rhona Mitra – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans) an outer worldly Buddhist Monk and to cap it all a bible bashing born-again Rabbi!
They might not see eye to, quarrel, fight, and even be starting a war in Africa but they are still family and it is going to take a whole lot of soul searching and sacrifice for all involved to come together in this heart warming, comic, family drama that will have you thinking of your own family with a smile.