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Comedy, Drama | English | 30 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

Besetzung und Crew


Toni D'Antonio, Jennifer Sorika-Wolfe


Jennifer Sorika-Wolfe

die Vorschau


Callie is a jilted actress lost in a crazy love triangle.
Peyton is a pretty-boy filmmaker with a deep secret.
Marie is an Italian ruffian with a knack for profanity and tackling.
Annie is a lost soul who interviews cab drivers for sport.
The bar owners Seamus and his son Fin have no manners and tact what so ever.

The customers and their absurd lives are made up of some regulars like Cougface McGee, Lonely Cat Lady and The Clones.

These are all dream chasers working and exploring the underbelly and subcultures of the NYC bar scene.

Handheld continuous shots provide an “in the mix” vibe of this dramedy full of misfits. Each episode will showcase one or two dream sequence moments to show the absurdity that lives in all of us. When Callie is asked if she is going to go to one of those Crisis Pregnancy Centers, she responds “Vagina hating whores” with a momentary dream flash sequence of Annie, Marie, Amanda and Beck carrying signs in nurses uniforms yelling, “Jesus says push. Jesus says push!”

Set in a place, aptly named, THE BAR, in NYC, the STAFF revolves around this bar’s dark witted artist-bandits and it’s patrons and discovers how New York, and the effects of it's bar scene, colors and sometimes discolors their lives, relationships and aspirations.

Their Demons. Their Beasts. Their Survival. One Cocktail at a Time.
Come meet the STAFF.

Material Available:

Sizzle, Pitch Deck, Series Outline, Pilot Script and One Sheet

Current Status:

* Financing / Co-Production / Broadcast Deal / Pre-Sales Needed for Series

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