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The Companions

The Companions

Drama, Romance, True Story | Russian


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The Companions

War/drama/romance/8 episodes

Based on the book, based on the true story

It’s 1941, the World War II comes to the Soviet Union. Danilov, the officer is gathering people to serve on the hospital train. They are: doctor Belov, educated physician leaving his family in Leningrad; Yulia, strict operation nurse, old virgin; beautiful Faina testing her charms on Danilov, and on mechanic Nedzvetsky. These people will pass side by side all the four years of war, passing ordeals for spirit, decency, firmness and kindness.

It's about war and combat medics. The fast moving image train with a red cross sweeping across a war - torn country has became a symbol of life, stubbornly going forward despite death.

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