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The Forgotten Timepiece

The Forgotten Timepiece

Action/Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction | English | 120 minutes


DreamEmpire Productions, LLC

Besetzung und Crew


Lisa Maydwell


Joyce Licorish, Jerome Davis

die Vorschau


Coming of age time travel romance story based on the bestselling novel by the same title.

SeRina, an adopted, beautiful, rebellious and presumably white teenager goes on the quest to find her biological family after tragedy strikes. On her journey, she is shocked to find out her true heritage. After an encounter with her eccentric newly-discovered grandmother, she is gifted a family heirloom which mysteriously transports her from modern-day to the antebellum South in 1859 where she is forced to live the life of her great-great grandmother as a slave on a plantation.

(Part of the Heirloom Trilogy, this would be Film 1)

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