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The Krostons

The Krostons

Animation | English, French | 100 minutes



Besetzung und Crew


Guilhène Iop, Mark Mertens


Fréderic Du Chau

die Vorschau


Krostos, Dom Dom and Brack were drawn for the very first time in 1205 AD, by a monk who had created a very special kind of ink. They were part of an apocryphal manuscript, listing, in great detail, all of the perpetrators of Evil. A true encyclopedia of dark wizardry and pernicious agitation.

But even amongst this smorgasbord of evilness,the Krostons have always stood out through their boundless hunger for world domination and their relentless energy in pursuing their nefarious agenda.

Ever since that first drawing in 1205, the Krostons have tried to find a way out of the manuscript and into the real world.

Always in vain, until now...

Paris, France. Maxine Ariane, a woman in her 40’s, is a video game designer surrounded by colleagues who are half her age.

When she’s put under pressure to come up with the next big idea, she copies three characters from an antique book discovered in the wild by her children.

These three little mischievous guys, named Krostons, unexpectedly jump to life from the book pages.
Now they’re wreaking havoc at every turn.

The Krostons’ primary goal is “world domination”. They are only three inches tall, can switch form two or three dimensions at will and cause only trouble for Maxine, who can barely handle her life as it is.

Will Maxine stop the Krostons from taking over the world?