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The Pact

The Pact

Alternate Titles: Pagten

Drama | Danish | 100 minutes


REinvent International Sales

Besetzung und Crew


Bille August


Birthe Neumann, Simon Bjenneberg, Asta August, Nanna Voss


A story of perfection, obsession and desire the three words that encompass the unusual relationship between world renown author Karen Blixen, and her protégé.

10 years after returning from Africa and losing the love of her life, Karen is widely celebrated, however an isolated genius. Heartbroken and sick she lays eyes on a handsome and promising 29 year old poet. She promises him literary stardom if he agrees to obey her unconditionally, even if it means sacrificing everything else in his life. The Pact is a high powered drama in the vein of DANGEROUS LIAISONS and WHO IS AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. A story of a sorcerer and her apprentice. A love story by proxy.

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