Bad Candy

Bad Candy

Horror | English | 104 minutes


Kaleidoscope Film Distribution



Scott B. Hansen


Corey Taylor, Zach Galligan, Ryan Kiser


A refreshingly crazy horror anthology exploring the myths and folklore of one small community... stories that when told on Halloween may become all too real!

As the watery Autumn sun fades, the dark clouds of a pitch black Halloween night begin to settle over a small American town, New Salem. On the local radio station, the annual fright fest show is underway, when two full-on shock-jocks begin to retell local legends of terror from yesteryear, bringing them to life before your bloodshot eyes… In this small town, it’s a grisly end for most, but will a few good souls survive to see another dawn?

Bad Candy is an original, contemporary anthology of fresh horror, starring Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Zach Galligan (Gremlins, Hatchet 3) and Ryan Kiser (The Dawn), featuring a selection of terrifying tales that are just to die for.

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