No Alternative

No Alternative

Drama, Psycho-Drama, Suspense, Thriller | | 110 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC



Toni D'Antonio, Lou Martini, Jr., Samantha Bowen


Toni D'Antonio, Mitch del Monico


No Alternative is a dark psychological drama about sacrifice, love and deceit. The story focuses on one woman, left without options, whose life spins mercilessly out of control. Samantha Donovan is a product of foster homes with no education. When Sam is victimized by an abusive, drug-addicted husband she is left powerless. Without a family, a job, or a home, Sam has to care for her nine-year-old son, Nicky, and falls into an unthinkable life of crime. With no choice, a devoted mother becomes a thief, a liar, and a felon. Her reasons make her human, but the unspeakable accidental death of Monica Fuentes makes her a murderess.

Detective Chris Edwards, working Homicide in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, with his partner, Rob Jackson, is spending countless hours investigating a string of strange robberies linked to a bizarre homicide. A chance encounter introduces Sam to Chris and a passionate romance ensues. Chris, Sam, and Nicky become a makeshift family, with Rob as a close friend – maybe too close. The more we learn, the more we see that nothing is what it seems. Chris has a mysterious, abusive past. Rob has a deep secret about his ex-fiancé. Sam leads a life of crime that Chris and Rob come perilously close to discovering. Hiding their truths leads Sam, Chris and Rob deep into a deception that leaves ruin hanging inevitably over their lives. When Chris finds a piece of evidence in Sam’s apartment, he must question hi love for Sam and decide where his loyalty lies – with his honor or with his girlfriend. Questions and suspicions come at Sam from all angles. Chris and Rob are closing in on the case. Sam sees her life flashing before her eyes – motherhood, love, friendship, and morality.

One more robbery for Nicky. Then, a future with Chris. Finally there is an alternative. The call comes in… another robbery. Only this time, the clerk alerted the police in time. Adrenaline is pumping; tension is high. Chris is preoccupied, staring at the case file, the surveillance photo with the evidence he found in Sam’s apartment. Chris and Rob get out of the car and fall into position – Chris rounds the left; Rob goes to the right, and back-up officers secure the area. Chris hesitates. Inside, a disguised Sam takes cash at gunpoint. She heads to the back exit and comes face to face with a cop, gun drawn. He looks at her, delayed reaction, and in panic Sam fires. She gasps. A saddened look of recognition comes over Chris’s face… and then Sam’s. Chris falls to the pavement, motionless. Within seconds, Rob appears… as Sam starts to turn, a single gunshot echoes through the alley, already hot with death. Sam falls. Rob is left alone. Silent.

Months later, a car pulls up to a school. Nicky runs toward the car. Rob is in the driver’s seat.“Hey, Buddy. How was your day?” “It was okay.” “Only okay? Buckle up.” “Yeah. But I was too excited all day. Thinking about the new arcade. My birthday. Seeing my mom. I miss my mom. I hope it doesn’t get too dark.” “I know. I know. Don’t worry, the cemetery isn’t far. We’ll make it in time.” “Remember how much fun we used to have?” “Of course I do. I remember all of it. More than you think.” Nicky pulls down the visor and a picture falls out – of Rob and Monica Fuentes. “Who is this with you, Rob?” “That was my fiancée… she died a while ago… I’ll tell you about it sometime.”

One more look at Rob as we… Fade to black.

No Looking Back. No Regret. NO ALTERNATIVE . Nothing was further from the truth.

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Script (WGA 1283126), Pitch Deck, One Sheet, Poster

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