Pirate Mo and the Legend of the Red Ruby

Pirate Mo and the Legend of the Red Ruby

Action/Adventure, Animation, Family | Austrian, Catalan, English, German, Spanish | 80 minutes


The Playmaker Munich



Florian Westermann


Emely Christians, Sonja Matthes


Richie Conroy


Aboard a ragtag ship, back in the day when terrible pirates roamed the seven seas, a child, Moses called Mo, grows up with a crew of ragtag seadogs and the ship’s pet… goat. Mo, brought up as his own child by the ship’s kindly captain, Claas, is in fact a girl who arrived by chance among the sailors as an infant, swaddled in mysterious rags. Having grown up into a brave and boisterous girl, Mo must wrestle with her father’s career of piracy, and overcome many trials as she seeks to understand the enigma of her birth. One day, captured by the wicked pirate Peg Leg Olle, Mo bumps into a resourceful young cabin boy, Hannes and his pet bird. Together with Hannes, Claas, his motley crew and their helpful pets, brave Mo will have to defeat Peg Leg Olle and fulfill her childhood prophecy of finding the Blood Red Blood Ruby of Doom, to restore peace and harmony to the land.

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