Spring Garden

Spring Garden

Horror, Thriller | Korean


K-Movie Entertainment



Born Ku


Yoon-hee JO, Joo-ryoung KIM


So-hee(JO Yoon-hee), who enjoys a blissful life with her loving husband, and a baby on the way, wakes up in bed to find her husband hung himself right above her. Before she can process his death and the shock that caused her to lose her baby, she discovers that her husband left her a house in a remote area. This mysterious house has everything the couple hoped for in their dream house, but once the glamor wears off, an eerie feeling remains. As So-hee feels that a strange presence is going after her life, she begins to get suspicious and believes this house has something to do with her husband’s death. The more she doubts, the more strange things happen.

Año de Finalización