The Albanian Virgin

The Albanian Virgin

Alternate Titles: Virgjeresha Shqiptare

Drama | Albanian | 123 minutes


The Playmaker Munich



Bujar Alimani


Anita Elsani, Lesley Neary


Katja Kittendorf


Rina Krasniqi, Shkurte Sylejmani



Albania 1958: LUANA, daughter of a well-respected man, and AGIM, whose familiy was banned from the city by the communists, grow up in the same village. Their friendship turns into love, but Luana is promised to Flamur Fiku and when her father ERION finds out he immediately arranges for Luana to be married. Agim wants to flee with her, but Luana feels bound by the loyalty to her family and fears for Agim´s life. She leaves Agim and tries to be a good bride. When Erion witnesses Luana being cruelly denigrated by Flamur, he breaks the engagement. In the ensuing fight, Flamur kills Erion. He denies his guilt by maintaining that Luana wasn't a virgin. The men of the village order a humiliating examination. Being a woman becomes a curse for Luana. She tries to flee with Agim. When the plan tragically fails, she decides to follow an ancient custom, that allows her to swear to remain a virgin and to live as a man, a ,Burrnesha". She will be head of the family and avenge her father's blood...

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