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The Art of Return

The Art of Return

Alternate Titles: El Arte de Volver

Drama | Spanish | 91 minutes





Pedro Collantes


Daniel Remon


Pedro Collantes, Daniel Remon


Macarena Garcia, Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson, Nacho Sanchez



After six years in New York, young actress Noemí returns home to Spain for an audition that has the potential to change her career. During her first 24 hours back in Madrid, Noemí will have a series of encounters and goodbyes that will teach her to appreciate the different seasons of life.

Her granddad, who’s bedridden in a nursing home, encourages her to persevere with her dream to become a star, while he reminisces over the memories of his best years. At home, her little sister doesn’t exactly seem happy to see her. So much time apart has left its mark on her. The close relationship they once had is gone, leaving only confused feelings that neither of them are very adept at managing. With Carlos, an old classmate, things are different. It feels like no time has passed between them at all, although they’ve really missed each other, and they laugh and joke around like old times, as they take a stroll through a pine forest. Then there’s Ana, an artist friend whose latest exhibition Noemí will find both amazing and horrifying in equal measure. And finally, Radu, a Romanian driver who Noemí will realize she has much more in common with than either of them could ever have imagined.

All these encounters, although brief, will lead Noemí to rethink her past, her future and her place in the world.

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