The DeMystics

The DeMystics

No Response | English | 30 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC



Toni D'Antonio, Samantha Bowen, Jennifer Jiles


Have you ever been attracted to, fascinated by, or even dismissive of mystical powers such as clairvoyance, astrology, and mediumship?

Do you want to believe — but dare not — in telepathy, the energy of thought, and even your own nascent ESP?

Maybe you believe that all that “woo-woo” belongs only to those who are especially gifted (or just plain weird).

Meet the women of the DeMystics!

Demystify. Demonstrate. Educate.

They’ll reveal how the sixth sense is as accessible and practical as everyday conversation by disproving all that esoteric mumbo-jumbo. With demonstrations of jaw-dropping psychic insight and spirit messages, audience participation, real-world examples, and an irreverent sense of humor, they’ll bring the supernatural right down to earth. These women know that every aspect of psychic power can be taught; they know this because they’ve all developed their own skills! The DeMystics know that their abilities aren’t Heaven-bestowed gifts, but talents they’ve chosen to enhance through study, practice, and feedback.

To prove it, at each live show they invite audience members to connect to a stranger’s departed loved one and to read one another intuitively. Their goal is to bring these necessary, fascinating, and empowering skills right down to earth for each and every person by demystifying, demonstrating, and educating. Spiritual, energetic, and psychic work belongs to us all — not just those supposedly “gifted” gurus of the New Age.

Each live show is packed with evidence of the power of thought, feelings, mental connection, and insight. This empowering show assists people in getting out of their own way and using their own strengths and abilities to open a dialogue with their loved ones in spirit and their own wiser minds. And the DeMystics do it in a way that’s never been done before.

They bring you behind the curtain by showing you the real “Oz”, so to speak. They’ll illustrate how spiritual communication and intuition are much more accessible to everyone than you think. They’ll create an opportunity where everyone can embrace their own natural abilities as they demonstrate a true behind the scenes look at how they’ve achieved their skills.

We’ll also catch a glimpse into their personal lives and how each moment creates another moment that elevates the joy in their lives as they learn from each other, strengthen each other's abilities, and nurture each other through the adventures of card readings, mediumship, psychic recognitions and more.

We can already foresee how much you’ll love the show and the tremendous success it will have in finding a huge audience.

Let these wonderful women help bridge the gap between ordinary interpretation of what they do by allowing you, the viewer, the opportunity to discern information through the use of you own heightened perceptive abilities and natural extensions of your basic human senses.

Question it. Test it. Try It. Believe it!

The DeMystics. Making the supernatural…natural.

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