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The V. Factor

The V. Factor

Documentary | English | 46 minutes


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The V Factor is a new series that introduces viewers to the most popular health-food chefs and restaurants around the globe. The demand for healthy and eco-friendly foods has never been so high, but unbeknownst to ethical consumers, these trends are doing more harm than good. V Factor takes us on a journey from the trendy, health-food scenes in Europe and the US, to the dark world of developing countries, where superfoods are cultivated. In this eye-opening investigation into the health food industry, we will help and guide the audience deep into research and stories from all over the planet. We’ll discover how our ravenous appetite for avocado, almonds, quinoa, and dozens of other popular, imported health foods are decimating local cultures and ecosystems all over the world today. But we’ll see as well how there is a virtuous way to produce and consume these foods.

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