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009-1 The End of The Beginning

009-1 The End of The Beginning

Alternate Titles: 009-1 The End of The Beginning

Action/Adventure | Japanese | 82 minutes


Nikkatsu Corporation

Cast & Crew


Koichi Sakamoto


Hidetomo Sugaya, Daichi Nagatomi


Keiichi Hasegawa


Mayuko Iwasa, Minehiro Kinomoto


In 20XX, the world has been divided into two superpowers: the Western Bloc, and the Eastern Bloc. Serving as a border zone between the two is “J-Country,” a battleground for the two sides in their ongoing conflict. Mylene, a western undercover agent, is investigating human trafficking in J-Country when she meets a young man named Chris. She finds herself attracted to him and cannot get him out of her mind, even after completing her mission and returning to headquarters. Before long, Mylene receives a new order from the 00 Agency: rescue and protect Dr. Klein, creator of the Faust Project and the technology that turned her into a cyborg, who has been abducted by Eastern Bloc spies.

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