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Fantasy, True Story | Italian


Bedeschi Film Srl

Cast & Crew


Giovanni Bedeschi


Alessandro Fabbri, Sergio Rodriguez


A true story based on a fairytale

Michele was born with gifted hands. At the age of five, he mastered the piano keyboard with the supreme expertise of a prodigy who possesses a skill unnatural for his age.

Michele does not realize that his gift is not accidental but serves a larger purpose, which finds him at the centre of a mystic quantum pact between two worlds, whose prosperity is mirrored and inextricably linked to each other. As Michele leaves his youth behind, his artistic talent is severely tested by the death of his father, and a series of choices with unknown outcomes. He searches haphazardly for new meaning in life as a man and that of a musician. One night he is thrown against one of life's most challenging tests: a car accident in which he permanently loses the use of his left hand. The two worlds now need an urgent recovery to survive.

6fingers, is a raw and supernatural story, inspired by a promising Italian jazz musician's real-life events and his miraculous adventure to be reborn.

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