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A Comedy of Horrors-Volume 1

A Comedy of Horrors-Volume 1

Comedy, Horror | English | 93 minutes


A Comedy LLC

Cast & Crew


Matt Servitto


Ken Arnold


Dan DeLuca


Henry Zebrowski


It’s first grade and lucky you, your teacher is out sick with anal fissures and your substitute plans on spending the school day reading stories from a book of her all-time favorite fables. What could possibly be better? Unless... you have a particular aversion to clowns, puppets, bridesmaids or crotchety has-been movie stars.

At six years old you and your school chums don’t quite imagine spending your day in the upside down world of clowns hunting serial killers, puppets going rogue, bridesmaids fighting to the death, or a voodoo wielding special effects artist stealing the soul of one of America’s most beloved superheroes. Hell, you just want a graham cracker and some warm milk. You shouldn't be wondering who Milton Berle is, or if you're going to make it out of class alive. So now you're thinking your day might not be so great after all. Maybe you’re just lunch marinating in a collection of four horrific stories. And maybe your substitute teacher isn't quite what she pretends to be.

***This film still requires a few special digital effects-color grading-final sound mix and opening credit sequence. All in the process of being completed now.

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