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Among Ravens

Among Ravens

Drama | English | 103 minutes


TriCoast Worldwide

Cast & Crew


Russell Friedenberg, Randy Redroad


Heather Rae, Teddy Grennan, Dori Sperko


Russell Friedenberg


Johnny Sequoyah, Amy Smart, Natalie Imbruglia


In the grand tradition of The Big Chill and Celebration (Festen), AMONG RAVENS tells the story of a modern day family reuniting for their annual summer event. Contemporary culture is portrayed through the eyes of a child. We see innocence and dreams consumed by middle class desires. Sometimes it takes a wild Raven to spread her wings, and teach us to fly above it all.

Introducing Johnny Sequoyah, dubbed “the Next Big Thing”, by the Hollywood Reporter and a “high-powered star” by the Daily News. After seeing Sequoyah’s performance in AMONG RAVENS, JJ Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron cast her as the star in their new series for NBC, “Believe”, now a worldwide hit. She is now featured on billboards around the world.

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