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An Hero

An Hero

Action/Adventure | English | 38 minutes


Dirt Merchants Films (Bed of Angels, Inc.)

Cast & Crew


Henning Morales


Jeff McGrail, Barbara Lynn


Henning Morales


Justice Barrios, Johan Hill, Shawn Harmon, Kohanna Kay, Mark Krenik, Rebekah Samuel



Troubled teenager Lucas Rivera feels he has nothing to live for. An unlikely mentor, pleadings from his devoted girlfriend and a dangerous, whirlwind of an adventure convinces him that he has something to live for. Lucas has a change of heart and becomes convinced not to commit suicide.

Fourteen time platinum award winner, Drew Lane, and critically acclaimed filmmaker, Henning Morales have created a gritty, honest portrayal of teenage despair and have produced a stunningly powerful musical adventure sure to entertain audiences of all ages. Adapted from chapter 2 of the bestselling novel, The Dirt Merchants, An Hero is a 38 minute medium-sized film that tackles an issue that many have called the 'silent killer'. The subject of suicide prevention is a conversation often avoided. Private screenings of An Hero to an audience of all ages and backgrounds have shown us that this film not only entertains, but is also encourages dialogue about solutions to the tragedy of teen suicide.

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