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Apopia: The Broken Crown

Apopia: The Broken Crown

Action/Adventure, Animation, Childrens, Family, Fantasy | English | 12 minutes


Quillo Entertainment Limited

Cast & Crew


Andy Ng


Andy Ng


Andy Ng


Sky Rae, Mallory Echelmeyer, Walter Mack



Apopia is a fictional cartoony universe. It is a world full of funny character with its unique worldview, culture, history, and geography.

In this prequel episode -- Apopia: The Broken Crown:

Moly is the princess of the kingdom Yogurt. Her mother pays a lot of effort to prepare for Moly’s coming of age ceremony, but Moly decides to look for her missing father instead of attending the occasion.

With the help of her loyal guard, Leo, Moly successfully arrives in the last known location of her dad, only to find herself ambushed by some vile monsters.

Luckily, the Queen arrives to save them. But it costs her life. What’s worse, Leo takes the crown and banishes Moly from the castle. But Moly isn’t desperate. She is determined to claim back what belongs to her.

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