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Arctic Friends

Arctic Friends

Animation |


AMBI Distribution


After Swifty’s big adventure with his friends in the feature film ARCTIC JUSTICE, this fun spinoff TV series continues the adventure with Swifty, PB, Jade, Otto Von Walrus and the Puffins. Each minisode opens with Swifty and his friends facing a challenge to overcome. Sometimes it’s irate customers, malfunctions in the mailroom, trying to figure out balloon powered deliverys, grand theft super sleds, or even worse, having to deal with the wicked Otto Von Walrus himself! If Swifty and his friends can deal with this polar pandemonium, they just might be able to deliver some justice - and the packages on time! Four minisodes will make up a 20 minute episode; the goal is for children to learn in each episode the importance of being yourself and that teamwork can make anything possible!

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