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Army Dog

Army Dog

Action/Adventure, Family | English


Fairway Film Alliance

Cast & Crew


Vernon Mortensen, Kirk Harris, Marty Poole, Sridhar Sreekakula


Ezra Kemp


Casper Van Dien, Grace Van Dien



Army Sargent Tom Holloway and his trusty bomb-sniffing sidekick dog, Conner, have been through many wars and battles together. With his final tour of active duty over, it is time for both Tom and Conner to retire. When Tom arrives home with Conner, his beautiful, soccer star daughter, Tara, isn’t so enthused about sharing her dad with man’s best friend, the dog. Tom has an idea to teach Tara some needed teamwork and bonding, arranging a camping trip in the mountains that brings harrowing circumstances and imminent danger. With a wild wolf loose on the mountain, the three of them must work together to survive and teach Tara a valuable life lesson. ARMY DOG is a story-driven, exciting action-packed family adventure suited for both kids and adults!

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