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Art of Native America: Earl Biss

Art of Native America: Earl Biss

Documentary | English | 94 minutes


House of Film



He is called "A Monet of the 20th Century", a master painter and innovative leader in the Contemporary Native Art Movement from America's Southwest. This intimate and in-depth portrait of Earl Biss (1947-1998) showcases his dynamic and deeply spiritual art while giving insight into the joyous and bold man who created it. Archival footage of Biss speaking and painting, and interviews with tribal members, friends, art dealers, and patrons paint an unforgettable story - a joyous, mystical, and tumultuous journey to success placing him firmly in the annals of modern art history.

His prolific output has been acquired and exhibited by museums and major collectors around the world. This fascinating portrait will give you intriguing insights into his art if you already know him or will introduce you to a phenomenal talent if you are being newly introduced.

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