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Drama | Spanish | 95 minutes


House of Film



After reaching the peak of creative and financial success, decades of hit songs, and adoring fans around every corner, the pop singer known as Bandido finally hits a wall. Money, fame and adulation are no longer enough to fill a bleak hole that eventually swallowed his spirit. But fate offers him a life-changing jolt when he is carjacked in the desperate outskirts of the city. Standing alone, penniless and stunned on the empty roadway, a neighborhood priest offers him a helping hand and a surprise reunion with an old musician friend. What follows is the story of Bandido's reawakening and his chance to revive forgotten passions. This neglected corner of the world offers him, and maybe you, a beacon of hope and inspiration for what is truly important in our lives. The film slowly captures your spirit with moving insights and will stay with you forever.

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