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Thriller | Korean | 117 minutes


Lotte Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Soo-youn Lee


Jae-won Choi, Jeong-jun Cho


Jin-woong Cho, Dae-myeung Kim


Although his medical clinic in Gangnam started off well, Dr. Seung-hoon is now an endoscopy practitioner in a suburb town. One day, he anesthetizes and examines a 70-year old man, and listens to his convincing murder confession. The old man claims that he ran a butcher shop for a long time, located on the first floor of Seung-hoon’s clinic, which is now run by his son. Listening to a detailed and vivid story of how the old man chopped up a body, Seung-hoon is mortified. The town is gaining positive reputation as an emerging new city, but only a decade ago, it was plagued with the story of a serial killer on the loose, who was never caught. A few days after hearing the old man’s story, Seung-hoon accidentally sees a head of a young woman stored in the butcher shop freezer. Shrouded in fear, he’s unease about the situation and hears various stories about the old man and his son through the town seniors, and he suspects the duo as the serial killers. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, who came by to argue about the state of their son, goes missing and the police puts him under arrest in suspicion of her murder.

This film is like a nightmare that forms as a result of combining a murder confession told under the influence of anesthetics and the anxiety felt by a middle age man currently living Korean society.

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