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Boston George

Boston George

Documentary, True Story | English | 185 minutes


123 Go Films



George Jung spent his life indulging in the chase; the high of the chase shaped every decision in his path. Obsessively tempted, George pursued more in everything he did; more money, more love, more adventure, More substance, all wrapped in an Outlaw Persona designed to feed the ego of an untouchable. George’s life was SEX DRUGS ROCK N ROLL with the rich and dangerous. Running alongside an unknown (at that time) Pablo Escobar, no one saw the kid from Massachusetts making and losing 100 million dollars before the age of 30. George now 76 and still on federal probation, broke financially and emotionally, George finds himself dependent on the legacy of a movie about his life, Blow, to squeak out enough money for his next pack of unfiltered cigarettes and pint of Scotch. As it stands today, George Jung has to live embraced in his mistakes, continuing to fight a life long addiction of the same vices that turned his existence in to chaotic disarray.

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