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Brain Swap

Brain Swap

Science-Fiction, Suspense, Thriller | English | 90 minutes


Changemakers Productions


Brain Swap is a sci-fi legal/crime action thriller and dark comedy about a wealthy aging business owner, whose life and health are failing, so he seeks a new life through a brain transplant into a young donor body; but a hospital mix-up results in his brain being transplanted into the body of a dying criminal leading to all kinds of complications.

After the brain swap, the former aging businessman has a successful new life as a young realtor in a small town with a wonderful wife. But his rescue of a young boy leads to a media story, extortion by the wife of the criminal, a murder charge, and a trial that becomes a national media circus. A key question posed by the brain swap is: "Who is this new person? The business owner? The criminal? Or someone new?" The story features a dramatic trial and ends with a twist conclusion

The film is slated to begin filming in the spring of 2021, along with Dead No More.

Changemakers Productions and Dear Skyyler Productions have now produced 11 films together. The other films include Me, My Dog, and I; Rescue Me; Driver; Deadly Infidelity, New Age of Aging; Courage to Continue; Reversal; The Last Party; and Death’s Door. The two companies’ offerings include feature films, documentaries, and TV/film series, using online, retail, and theatrical distribution.

So far all of their completed films are in distribution by various distribution companies. The Changemakers Productions Films website includes trailers for all of the films.

The producers include Gini Graham Scott, Jack Skyyler, and Alex Zinzopoulos. Scott is also CEO of Changemakers Publishing, which features books on business, self-help, memoirs, self-publishing, social issues, and criminal justice. The company additionally helps clients with ghostwriting books and scripts and self-publishing their books. The company has published over 200 books, 50 with traditional publishers, 150 independently published.

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