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Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Drama, Family, Suspense | English | 89 minutes


Distant Horizon

Cast & Crew


Tim Greene


Tim Greene


Tim Greene


Jenna Upton, James Cuningham, Ndoni Khanyile



Cabin Fever tells the story of Sarah Clayburn (Jenna Upton), a successful commercial artist living under lockdown, alone at the family home in Cape Town, and trying to hold together a dysfunctional and fragmented family, scattered across the globe.

Set a year into the future, during ‘the second lockdown’, her husband Andrew (James Cuningham) is trapped in Abu Dhabi and going slowly out of his mind, while his three adult children struggle to cope with isolation in Australia, Wales and South Africa.

When Sarah learns that their mother, Andrew’s first wife Deborah (Michelle Scott) is dying of the Corona virus, she organizes an family gathering online to attempt a reconciliation between the kids and their mother, who abandoned them to join a religious order when they were very young.

Told through a succession of video calls, meetings and messages, Cabin Fever is a haunting and emotional story of a family flung to the far corners of the globe, reaching out across the void to find intimacy, understanding and eventually forgiveness.

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