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Drama, Mystery, Psycho-Drama, Romance, Urban | English, Portuguese | 79 minutes


Cup of Joe Film, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Peter Azen


Claudia Murdoch, Alastair Murdoch, Forrest McClain


Peter Azen


Gabriella Vergani, Micah Chartrand, Cacá Macedo, Juliana Suaide, Sophie Overwater, Rebecca Nelson, Francesca Murdoch, Velson D'Souza



Cacaya is the region in the Amazon, which once had water, but where nothing now grows during the drought period. Based on a true story, intersected with references to Heinrich von Kleist's 1808 play Penthesilea and myths from various indigenous tribes of the Amazon, Cacaya tells the story of a young Brazilian woman in New York City, who ends her tumultuous relationship with an American man, and then discovers she is carrying his child. The couple's struggle to interact during the pregnancy, and to deal with the situation, increases the tension between them. The film interweaves this modern narrative with indigenous Amazon rainforest folklore and ancient Greek mythology of the Amazons, using the framework of German dramatist Heinrich von Kleist's 1808 tragedy Penthesilea. Cacaya is a story of cultural confrontations and miscommunications, and it features at its core an ambivalence between love and war, attraction and repulsion, submission and control. Written and directed by Peter Azen, whose most recent work was selected to screen at the prestigious Munich Film Festival, Cacaya celebrated its world premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival, and subsequently screened at Festival Ecra in Rio de Janeiro.

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