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Case 347

Case 347

Science-Fiction, Thriller | English | 90 minutes


TriCoast Worldwide

Cast & Crew


Chris Wax


Maya Stojan, Krista Allen, Richard Gilliland


Dr. Mia Jansen sets out to prove that people who believe they have been abducted by aliens are all suffering from a form of “mass hysteria”.

To assist in her project, she joins with documentary filmmakers to catalog her process and research. Fueled by the unknown disappearance of her own paranoid father, a devout believer in alien conspiracy, Mia and crew travel to her father’s house where they discover a trove of files connected to her new investigation. These case-files lead to places well known for UFO and alien urban legends, including the ET Highway, Area 51 and White Sands National Park. Along their travels, strange phenomena begin to occur and their once firm doubts in other-worldly conspiracies begin to waver. A large ring in the sky, a little girl with all-black eyes on the side of the road and a looming dark figure in the middle of the night desert are presented with no rational explanations in the scientific community. Two strangers arrive, offering knowledge into these phenomena and also propose a look into the “truth of what’s really out there”. With caution, the group sets out to New Mexico, where a family is experiencing “signs of abduction”. When the team arrives, it becomes immediately evident that something dangerous is taking place and it might now be too late to turn back.

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