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Cinque mo(N)di

Cinque mo(N)di

Alternate Titles: Five wor(L)ds

Documentary | Italian | 67 minutes


Bizef Produzione Srl



Five Worlds - Five Ways to tell the Cinema- Five different Visions

Those are the worlds of five Italian Oscar winner directors who tell us how they are involved in the art of Cinema.

Roberto Benigni, Bernardo Bertolucci, Gabriele Salvatores, Paolo Sorrentino, Giuseppe Tornatore narrate with sincerity, sharing the wonder, love and magic of the stories lived in the dark hall of the cinema chasing their dreams.

Their stories are evocative, private, engaging.

Their reflections on the meaning of making films allow us to figure out which was the driving force that led them to debut.

The protagonists are them and their words and the camera listens to them.

The director Giancarlo Soldi has chosen not to insert the scenes of the films mentioned but to let the viewer participate to the atmosphere of the sets with peculiar unknown archive footages of the backstages, to emphasize the process of "making films".

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