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Dancing Karate Kid

Dancing Karate Kid

Alternate Titles: Ryukyu Battle Royal

Action/Adventure | Japanese | 78 minutes


Nikkatsu Corporation

Cast & Crew


Tsukasa Kishimoto


Takehiko Shimizu, KAtsuhiro Ogawa, Ken Ikehara


Noriko Enomoto


Joey, Yui Koike, Akihito Yagi


Ken Sawamura is a dance prodigy traveling around the world in search of the ultimate dance form. He comes to Okinawa and becomes a pupil of an old man named Iwao Shinjyo, a Ryukyu dance master. “A good dancer is also a good karate fighter,” Iwao explains. At the core of his dance teaching is the art of Ryukyu karate. The more Ken dances under Iwao's guidance, the more his movements take on the form of Ryukyu karate.
Entering into the story are a good-looking karate grand master, a scary-looking martial artist, and a pretty girl who is attracted to strong men. The exciting fusion between modern dance and mysterious Ryukyu karate will burn up movie theater aisles everywhere!

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