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Deck the Heart

Deck the Heart

Drama | English | 101 minutes


Gemelli Films

Cast & Crew


Candy Cain


Alan Fogelman, Douglas C. Diana


Candy Cain


Ashley Brinkman, Joe Kurak, Connie Shi, Al Sapienza, Robert Picardo, Mary Catherine Stewart, Eliza Roberts, Tara Westwood, Kenney Myers, Austin Davis, Julia Yorks



Chris Ackerman is the Marketing Director for a retail giant in New York City. On the Monday following the biggest shopping day of the year, Chris learns that he inherited his beloved grandfather's lake house in Maine. Only, there is a stipulation: Chris must host Christmas for his family, the same way that his grandfather did. Chris works it out with his boss Larry to work remotely from his new vacation home in Maine, and tasks his assistant Beth with hiring an event planner to take care of all of the celebratory details.

Meredith "Merry" Block is the sole proprietor of Merry Events. At her very first South Bristol Chamber of Commerce meeting, President Felicia Johnson refers her to Beth. After all, Merry expressed that she would like a Christmas client, as she doesn't celebrate the holidays with her family. Beth interviews Meredith and sets her up with a meeting with Chris.

Much to Merry's delight, Chris hires her on the spot. With a budget of $12,000, Meredith has carte blanche to decorate, cook and plan Christmas for Chris and his family. Meredith confides in her best friend, Bella, that she hasn't accepted the job because she hopes that her parents want to spend the holidays together. Bella snaps Merry into reality by forcing her to call her father. Her father expresses no interest in spending the holidays together, so Meredith accepts the job with Chris.

As Meredith and Chris spend time together, they find more things in common. Meredith appreciates Chris's soft and sentimental side, and Chris admires Merry's tenacity. Unfortunately, Chris is under the impression that Meredith has a boyfriend. Once Merry clears up that she is single, their relationship begins to progress. Still, Meredith is a little concerned about crossing the employee-boss line.

When Meredith has an accident at the house, Chris rescues her and nurses her back to health. Chris finally realizes how he feels about Meredith and tries to open up to her on Christmas-- Only to be interrupted by his parents' arrival.

Christmas is an amazing success with Chris and his family. and Chris is smitten. However, when he gives her the check to pay her for her work, Meredith gets the wrong idea and leaves. It's up to Chris to let Meredith know exactly what is in his heart.

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