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Don't Stand in Line

Don't Stand in Line

Documentary | English | 140 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Anthony Moreschi


Anthony i Moresch



"Don't Stand in Line" explores the unique journey of individuals who have not only dared to dream, but also taken corresponding action. - In following the often sketchy trail of breadcrumbs left by DIY subcultures (skateboarding, BMX, punk/ hardcore music), - each has climbed closer to their personal definition of success than any well-paved road would ever have allowed. - Focus, persistence, creativity, and drive- mirrored with self-doubt, struggle, and fear- are some of the daily and largely unsung necessities and obstacles with which these unlikely entrepreneurs must contend. - There is no single "correct" path, and any unbeaten one will have its perils and pitfalls. - But don't make the mistake of settling for someone else's path; - Never simply, stand in line. - "Taking the easy road never got you anywhere worth heading to."

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