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Eating Cars

Eating Cars

Comedy, Drama | English | 92 minutes


The Mise En Scene Company

Cast & Crew


Trevor Hollen


Shey Lyn Zanotti, Trevor Hollen


Trevor Hollen


Lexi Pappas, Lauren Ashley Carter, Walker Haynes, Maisie Klompus, Sari Melain, Casey Moeckel, Scott Monahan, Willow Hale, Shey Lyn Zanotti



Max, failed writer turned small time drug dealer tries to get enough money to get home to Deleware where her mother is dying. Join her as she says goodbye to Los Angeles, the city that killed her hopes and dreams, while she tries to unload stolen drugs to finance her cross country trip. Along the way she says goodbye to her group of misfit friends pursuing their own dreams in seedy hotels, tap studios and arcades, all the while evading a samurai sword loving hired hand, sent by Max's bosses to bring the drugs home. Will she make ammends with her ex-girlfriend before the monster within breaks free or will time run out before Max can safely flee the City of Angels?

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