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Comedy, Horror | English | 33 minutes


House of Film



For fans of shows like "The Good Place", "What We Do In The Shadows" and GHOST BUSTERS, a paranormal comedy told through the eyes of good ghosts and bad ghouls!

Paranormal is the new normal in "Geisting," a supernatural-horror-comedy about Poltergeisting from the Poltergeist's point of view. Travel to the great beyond into a realm where spirits are learning how to live their best deaths. Just like the corporeal world, some souls know how to behave and some specters wreak a little havoc.

In this pilot episode, Dr. Izzy Cook is a fledgling poltergeist trying to avenge her death at the hands of her husband and his mistress. During her first solo 'geisting', she unintentionally leaves a multi-dimensional portal open and sets a dangerous demon loose on Los Angeles. Now it's her mission to reel in the dead-gone-bad and restore harmony in the land of the living.

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