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Gina Sleighs The Holidays

Gina Sleighs The Holidays

No Response | English | 60 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

Cast & Crew


Toni D'Antonio, Rita Muoio, Millie Carrion, Gina Neely


Gina Neely


Renowned chef, Gina Neeley, hosts this spectacular holiday series. Gina has a sparkling personality that glitters as bright as snowflakes. She will delve into the age-old question… Why do we cook“that” for the holiday? Let’s gather at some Celebrities’ homes to find out. Is it a tradition, habit or history?

Gina is an adaptable cook and very excited to be shown how to cook specific dishes. She’s eager to learn the meaning behind the dish, the history, the origin, the culture. Gina, along with the viewers, will be learning how to make the dish and what the culture's significance is within the dish and its traditions surrounding the celebrity's family history and customs. Her effervescent personality and love of family will make her welcomed into the celebrity's homes and the celebrities eager to share their family's rich traditions. Gina is warm and enchanting just like the holiday spirit. And she might even add a modern-day twist to prep an age-old recipe that can encourage everyone at the holidays to join in and create together.

Gina will engage each celebrity and their families, while helping them prepare some of their customary holiday meals, culminating with a sit down to enjoy the meal with the celebrity and their family and possibly partake in singing some holiday jingles and participating in some other cultural, fun, holiday traditions.

A fun family cooking show that has the potential to last through many holiday seasons (not just Christmas). Gina Sleighs the Holidays. All year-round.

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