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Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story

Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story

Documentary | English | 81 minutes


Imagination Worldwide

Cast & Crew


Zack Arnold


Tracy Balsz


Zack Arnold


Mark Hamill


GO FAR: THE CHRISTOPHER RUSH STORY chronicles the inspirational life of Christopher Rush, a quadriplegic and national MDA poster child, who lived with muscular dystrophy from birth to his death at the age 30, well beyond his predicted two years of life. Chris achieved extraordinary goals despite impossible odds and left behind a philosophy of life for all of us to follow. GO FAR is a motivational film that will inspire not only persons with disabilities, but everyone, to follow their dreams and achieve them, no matter the obstacles. Featuring Tony Orlando, Jerry Lewis, and narrated by Mark Hamill.

Shortly before his death Chris invented a program called GO FAR, a motivational program that he intended to promote by traveling the world and inspiring those in need. THE GO FAR philosophy reads:

GO FAR – Goals, Obstacles, Focus, Act, Review

Goals - Setting them is what makes life worthwhile
Obstacles - Recognize and face them
Focus - Prioritize and plan your approach
Act - Assert yourself
Review - Whatever the results, learn from the experience

This film's purpose is to be used as a tool to promote Chris’ message and continue his goal of promoting the GO FAR philosophy. Chris’ memoirs state “I think it’s true that we all serve a purpose in life and I’ve always accepted my own as being one of a messenger. It became my mission to teach others--that no matter the obstacles in front of them--they too can GO FAR.”

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