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Good Winter Witch

Good Winter Witch

Family | English


AMBI Distribution

Cast & Crew


Francesco Cinquemani


Michael Madsen, Tom Arnold, Cristina Moglia


Vince (Michael Madsen) and Frank (Tom Arnold) are back in this adorable sequel to “Christmas Thieves”. Vince and Frank are babysitting for Liam and Olivia, while their parents are out shopping for last minute Christmas presents. Their parents get into a traffic collision with Santa Claus (Bruce McGuire) and have scared off all of his reindeer! Santa needs to call in back-up and the only person left to save the day is the Good Winter Witch (Cristina Moglia). Unbeknownst to Santa, the Good Winter Witch accidentally landed infront of Olivia and Liam’s house -- and she has completely forgotten her memory! Vince, Frank, Olivia and Liam try to find answers for the Witch in the book PUFFINS. Will the Puffins help the Witch remember she needs to go help Santa in enough time to save Christmas? This heartwarming live-action and animated Christmas film is filled with lots of holiday magic -- and is something the whole family will enjoy together!

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