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High Kick Angels

High Kick Angels

Alternate Titles: High Kick Angels

Action/Adventure | Japanese | 90 minutes


Nikkatsu Corporation

Cast & Crew


Kazuhiro Yokoyama


Katsuhiro Ogawa, Toshihiko Tomita, Shoki Abe, Yusuke Wakabayashi


Fuyuhiko Nishi


Kanon Miyahara, Risako Ito, Mayu Kawamoto, Hirona Nagashima, Kaede Aono


The girls from a high school action film club have come to an abandoned school to shoot their film, “High Kick Angels”. Their goal is to make a full-scale action film in the style of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. As the shooting continues, the girls get more and more pumped up as they reach its climatic showdown.
Meanwhile, a truck pulls into the school and a gang of thugs pile out. Acting quickly, they break into the school and cut off all lines of communication to the outside world.
The girls of the action film club find themselves caught up in the gang’s evil doings. With no phones and no Internet access, it’s five high school girls against a hundred bad guys. With no easy way out, they’ve no choice but to take on the overwhelming odds. How it plays out is anyone’s guess!

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