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Hold Me Back

Hold Me Back

Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy | Japanese | 133 minutes


Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. (NagoyaTV)

Cast & Crew


Akiko Ohku


Non, Kento Hayashi



Audience Award at Tokyo International Film Festival.

Love on the edge, which can't get any closer than 10cm.

Mitsuko (Non), who is now over 30 years old, is getting used to living a single life. There is a reason why she enjoys her single life, because she has a counselor “A” in her mind (inner voice). Mitsuko always talks to “A” when she can’t make up her mind for human relationships, nor what to do with herself and always “A” gives her a right answer.

One day, she falls in love with a young man, Tada(Kento Hayashi). Even though she believes that she has no objection to live alone with “A” peacefully.  

Believing that they have mutual feelings, she takes one step forward while confused that she cannot be brave like when she was in her 20’s.

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