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I Learned It From You - S1.E3

I Learned It From You - S1.E3

Alternate Titles: I Learned It From You - Racism Documentary Series - Season 1 Episode 3

Biography, Documentary, Drama, Family, True Story, Urban | English | 39 minutes


Wright Motion Picture Studios

Cast & Crew


Kevin Douglas Wright


Kevin Douglas Wright


Kevin Douglas Wright


Margie Feldman Hassan, Miriam E. Williams, Mike D., Kevin Douglas Wright, Jennifer Wright



In this fast-paced racism documentary series, emotional stories from real-life people, powerful Action Steps, and intriguing guided questions, help us discover better ways to understand racism, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, black lives matter, and all lives matter.

This crash course in racism is based on both the original, feature-length documentary and the book 'I Learned It From You'. This is Season 1 - Episode 3 where Kevin Douglas Wright interviews Margie Feldman Hassan, Miriam E. Williams, and Mike D.

This series is a proven way to help all of us establish or re-establish common ground with others in order to move forward without taking any detours to debate, confirm, or deny anything.

Tomorrow or the next day, we all will interact with people who are not like ourselves—white, black, interracial, a person of color or someone who is Jewish, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Native American, lesbian, gay, physically challenged, or mentally challenged. The question is: What will ‘you' teach them?

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