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In Emma's Footsteps

In Emma's Footsteps

Faith | English, Portuguese, Spanish | 112 minutes


Candlelight Media Group

Cast & Crew


Shona Kay, Anne Hansen, Tim Flynn



In 1856, Alexander approaches his grandmother, Luck Mack Smith, to gain her insights on the rumors that swirl around his mother. Lucy helps Alexander understand what life was like for Emma Smith after the martyrdom of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith. Emma juggled trying to salvage Joseph's estate with massive debts, continuing threats to her family and the Mormons, and growing isolation from rumors that swirled in the community. Her decision not to move West with the Saints showed her constant concern for her family's safety and her care for Luck Mack Smith in her ailing health. Alexander comes to see the circumstances that led his mother to move forward courageously on her own.

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